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Philip Project in Nottingham and Canterbury

The Philip Project is due to launch in Nottingham and Canterbury on Saturday 19th October 2013. Christian international students and professionals are welcome to get in touch to find out more.

A ministry of Friends International - Raising faithful Bible teachers

A ministry of Friends International - Raising faithful Bible teachers

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Book Review - GodStories by Andrew Wilson PDF Print E-mail

I’ve never written a book review before, so may get it wrong this time (please bear with me); but this book was the most fantastic, mind-boggling, God’s-glory-displaying one I read last year. And because it fits snugly with our last PP session (The Bible Story), I thought to introduce book to you, encourage you to read it, and maybe knock yourself out revelling in God’s glory splattered magnificently across all the pages of Scripture.

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Micro Preaching - Yengo Caleb - March 2010 PDF Print E-mail


Psalms 150. ref Acts 16:16-34.

It’s always a joy sharing Gods word among God’s people.

What is PRAISE? Fast songs and slow songs- Little boy mentality.

Let’s turn to Ps150.

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Micro Preaching - Seun Olowojebutu - Jan 2010 PDF Print E-mail

Jesus Christ, the Man.

Source Scripture: Heb 2: 5-18


The story is told of Jeff who was accused of breaching an important bit of the Universal Human Right Law. The penalty for this breach is capital – Life! Jeff could not defend himself in court. He hired a Lawyer that: knows the judge personally (they share some sort of kinship); he knows the Human Right Declaration like the back of his hand (he was part of the committee that drafted it); and he was levied with the exact same allegation a few years ago (a case he won definitively, making it precedent for this one). The Lawyer represented Jeff in this case par excellence, and won the case for Jeff.

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Our Communal Website PDF Print E-mail

How we can all contribute in maintaining the site and its content

This new Philip Project website, and particularly the members area, is supposed to provide a place where articles, news and other materials can be posted for the benefit of our online community.

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